Black Beauty & Hair magazine 2005 – Natural Vibe

Natural Vibe

Take a journey on any bus or tube and marvel at the numerous methods we employ to wear our hair. There are now a wealth of techniques and styles to choose from and this new found freedom is liberating.’It’s been a long journey – from the seashores of the West Africa continent, through the middle passage and along the coast of the Americas – that we have struggled through for what today we can now define simply as our natural beauty.

For centuries we have followed a thread and fought for a away to become ourselves – and our greatest enemy has been ourselves.’But with positive images of Cicely Tyson, Angela Davis, Eldridge and Kathleen Cleaver, Bob Marley and, more recently, Lauryn Hill, Bilal or India Arie, the straightjacket is off and the time has arrived for us to revel in our own natural beauty. There’s never been a better time for Black hair.’

So says