The Morris Roots Academy

2010 is an exciting year for Morris Roots with the opening of the new Salon/Academy branch at 911 Garratt Lane! For more information on this wonderful venture, click here.

Interview with OBE TV

Interview with Ben TV

Black Beauty & Hair magazine 2005 – Natural Vibe

Natural Vibe Take a journey on any bus or tube and marvel at the numerous methods we employ to wear our hair. There are now a wealth of techniques and styles to choose from and this new found freedom is liberating.’It’s been a long journey – from the seashores of the West Africa continent, through […]

Black Beauty & Hair magazine 2005 – Bridal Special

Black Beauty & Hair magazine Issue: April / May 2005. Bridal Special: Cultural Roots. Locks can be just as elegant when doing special occasion styles, says Morris Aberdeen of natural hair salon Morris Roots. Traditionally, the image of locks hasn’t been one of versatility, beauty or sophistication. And surely this is what’s called for on […]